Apoorva M K

#GHC2020 | Software Engineering Intern ‘20 at D. E. Shaw | Facebook Messaging Hackathon Winner | ACM-ICPC Regionalist ‘19 | Google Summer of Code ‘19

Final year undergrad at NITK majoring in Information Technology with 6+ months of experience in Software Engineering, Android app development and Image Processing. I am looking for a six-month remote internship and full time software engineering opportunities.


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Siemens, Research Intern

Aug, 2020 - Present
Working with the Research and Automation Team to develop an interactive tool to query and traverse knowledge graphs effectively. Working with technologies such as Neo4j graph database, Blazegraph, SPARQL, Cypher, Protege.

D. E. Shaw and Co., Software Engineering Intern

Apr, 2020 - Jun, 2020
Enriched the authorisation scheme in the Kafka cluster using Python to provide access to resources based on UNIX group and mailing list. Created RESTful services to allow developers to provide resource access to other developers and let non-superusers create topics based on custom configuration.

Google Summer of Code, Student Developer at Mifos Initiative

May, 2019 - Aug, 2019
Developed a computer vision-based Android app in Kotlin which allows users to click pictures of households, detects objects and fill the Poverty Probability Index(PPI) survey using Google Cloud APIs. Handled the small dataset size by applying image augmentation and pre-processing techniques using TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.
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Summer Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

May, 2019 - June, 2019
Worked on improving the statistical algorithm to remove noise and refine images captured in low-light. Decreased execution time by 83% by restructuring iterative sections as matrix operations in the MATLAB implementation.
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Operations Research Intern, Optym, India

Dec, 2018
Redesigned the machine learning model for carrier truck halt-time prediction, which improved accuracy by 16%. Leveraged Python and Scikit-learn library.


Listed in decreasing order of proficiency


  1. C++
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. Javascript
  5. C programming language
  6. Golang
  7. Matlab
  8. Kotlin
  9. Shell Script

Tools and Frameworks

  1. Android Studio
  2. OpenCV
  3. NodeJs
  4. Tensorflow
  5. Scikit-learn
  6. Git
  7. MongoDB


I like to make things do things

YouTube Clone Web application
  • Developed a YouTube clone using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and Firebase Cloud Database.
  • Used load balancing and sharded video data among the distributed servers to reduce the memory footprint by 18.6% per server.
  • Implemented a feature to adjust the resolution of the video rendered according to the user’s network speed.
ReWise: AI-powered Revision ChatBot
  • Ideated and built a Facebook messenger chatbot which generates a graded quiz from pictures of study material.
  • The quiz can be taken live or emailed as a question paper with answer key. The project demonstration earned 1000+ views on YouTube.
  • Used Node.js for the bot backend, SQLite for maintaining user state and deployed it on Heroku.
Duplicate document detection using MinHash
  • Implemented the MinHash technique, a locality-sensitive hash function, in Python to detect near-duplicate documents in a large dataset.
  • Achieved an accuracy of 98% in a dataset of 1000 documents. Extended and tailored the approach to identify similar images as well.
EchoMark: Audio signal-based attendance tracking
  • An Android app written in Kotlin + server system that leverages data transmission over sound signals to collect attendance of large gatherings such as classrooms in a smooth fashion.
Open Service Broker for Jenkins Enabled Git Repository with Kubernetes
  • Set up a service broker to provision and de-provision a git repository hosted on Github with Jenkins enabled to facilitate CI/CD.
  • API endpoints were implemented as per the Open Service Broker specifications and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster.
Raft Consensus Implementation (Ongoing)
  • Developing a library in Golang to deploy a cluster of servers that follow Raft Consensus protocol.
Custom Linux shell - Alpha Shell
  • Created a Linux shell in C with support for standard commands and operations like piping, forking etc.


  • Achieved a rank of 169 out of 4400+ teams across India in ACM-ICPC Online Round and qualified for Asia-Amritapuri Regional Onsite Round.
  • Secured rank 38/500+ in ACM-ICPC Asia Kanpur Online Round and rank 9 in ACM-ICPC Chennai Provincial Online Round.
  • Winner of Facebook Hackathon Messaging 2020 out of 1900+ participants
  • Selected for Indian Academy of Sciences - Summer Research Fellowship ‘19 awarded to only 365 students nationwide in India.
  • Second Runners up in Hackverse 24-hour National level Hackathon out of 2500+ registrations
  • Shortlisted for the Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale - 2019 (Software Edition) .
  • Among top 100 invitees for the Gojek sheHack Hackathon from 1500+ participants.
  • Among the 100 students selected to attend Tech Intern Connect ‘19 at Google, Bangalore.
  • Recipient of the prestigious NTSE Scholarship 2015 awarded to 1000 students all over India.
  • Qualified the Regional Math Olympiad '15 - State rank 14 and attended INMO training camp at Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Invited Talks

Facebook Messenger Chatbots Bootcamp, Jamaica, Guest Speaker

  • Invited as a speaker for the topic "How to build a messenger chatbot and win a hackathon" for Facebook’s Messenger Bootcamp

Positions of Responsibility

  • Grace Hopper Celebration ’20, Open Source Day - Mentor, October 2020
  • Chairperson at ACM-W NITK (Association for Computing Machinery - Women), July 2019 - July 2020
  • Head of Computer Science Interest Group, ACM NITK, July 2020 - present
  • Vice-chair at Google Developer Student Club, NITK
  • Co-curator at TEDxNITKSurathkal

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